January: get enough sleep

So January is going to be all about sleep. I’m aiming for at least 7 hours per night this month. After watching this TED talk on sleep (yes, another one. I’ve a TED habit), I’m expecting to be a freakin genius come February. And if it were to say… reduce my dark circles too, I wouldn’t be at all disappointed.

To create this new, fresh faced genius I shall be dragging myself away from pointless (but irritatingly watchable) evening telly, sneaking off a little bit early from my twice weekly salsa night, resisting the urge to mindlessly faff with my ipad close to bedtime (lit screen = brain stimulating)… Hell, I may even treat myself to a bath!*

In the name of science I shall be completely geeking out and tracking my sleep with the nifty Sleep Time app as well as testing my brain function with an experiment I set up on wonderfully nerdsome Quantified Mind. I’ll also journal how I’m actually feeling on a weekly basis through the month.

I just managed 7 hours last night but as I’m still catching up from a distinct lack the previous night, still feel a bit death-warmed-up-ified. I’ll share all the above at the end of the month, by which point I’m envisaging myself leaping out of bed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed of a morning (note – this has never happened. Ever.) ready to skip along a mountain top or something.

* please note, I am a die hard showerer, as opposed to just unwashed.


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