Social Horizons Feb: a life drawing invite

There’s a lady who’s recently started chatting to me at work. Now, I’ll admit, she’s one of those lovely confident people who I have no trouble chatting to; she makes things easy for me. However, I’m patting myself on the back for having used our chat this morning to put the How to Make Friends advice into practise.

I made a point of being super interested in the life drawing class that she’d organised at the weekend. Before I knew it, I had an invite for this Sunday’s class!

I have to say, life drawing class strikes me as mildly terrifying. I used to be quite good at sketching horses and dolphins, when I was a teenager obsessed by horses and dolphins. I’ve never really drawn people before, let alone nekked ones! And indeed, in this case nekked ones pretending to be fairies with projections cast onto their bodies! Yes, really! But I said yes! I would quite like to do a bit of drawing, and she’s all about making the classes very accessible and non-judgemental (so one can just crack on without panicking about how shit one’s drawing is). And I might even be able to chat to people there too. Imagine that!


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