Social Horizons Feb: talk to somebody new

Last night was salsa; the first one of February and therefore the first one that called for me to put myself out there and talk to new people. I kicked off putting one of the ‘How to Make Friends’ points into action. I made a concerted effort to counteract my usual shy aloofness by smiling and making eye contact with people wherever I could during the classes (I’m teacher’s assistant). The teacher being in a particularly silly mood last night really helped. I couldn’t have stopped smiling if I’d tried and spent most of the first class with the giggles. All I had to do was make eye contact with a few people at the same time, including them in the joke, and things were going in the right direction.

After the class a girl came up and thanked us for the lesson. I’d noticed her diligently copying my styling during the class – even some details the teacher hadn’t mentioned – and jumped at the chance to thank her in return for copying my styling so beautifully (imitation really is the best form of flattery in this case). She’s been coming to salsa for around a year and I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to her, but soon enough I’d learned that she’s a maths teacher and had taken a group of school kids hiking that day, many of whom had turned up dressed hilariously inadequately for said activity. She was really sweet and surprisingly easy to talk to. I’ll definitely make an effort to chat to her again. Next time I’ll raise the bar a little, be even braver and wander over to her for a chat!

Speak to one new person at salsa: mission accomplished 🙂

I think I’ll aim to do this every salsa night in Feb, rather than just once a week. That’s two new people a week instead of one. Twice the scariness, twice the reward me thinks.


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