Fear of Failure; it’s soooo 2013

I’ve had an epiphany. Actually, I think it’s a re-epiphany (one you have, promptly forget for a year or two and suddenly have afresh – just me?).

Fear of failure is possibly my biggest obstacle in life, and I’ve just (re)realised how utterly preposterous that is. Of course failure is scary. However, letting it stop you trying something is the biggest possible failure.

Sure, if I don’t try I won’t fail. I’ll stay safe inside my comfy little fail-free bubble. I’ve been in here a while now, it’s nice. Mmmmm… cozy…

Thing is, I haven’t succeeded either, have I? I haven’t progressed. I’m static, and I’ve in fact failed to take  opportunities and enrich my life somehow. I might not feel the sting of failure quite so much as if I’d tried and failed, but after a while I suspect the number of times I haven’t succeeded will start to sting a bit too.

This blog (and the accountability it brings with it) is my vehicle to push past the fear of failure. If I don’t try stuff, my blog’s going to be a pretty dull read. The blog itself is me trying something.  It could fail. In fact the only person to visit so far is my BFF (Thanks Em!). But I’m trying, which already feels more rewarding than not trying. Oh look, I’ve just found an image that encapsulates this whole post in one line (from The Introverted Brunette).


Fear of failure is so 2013 darhhling. The fear to be seen with in 2014 is fear of not trying!


6 thoughts on “Fear of Failure; it’s soooo 2013

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