Social Horizons Feb: the invitee becomes the inviter

Inviting people to stuff is something I just don’t do. I wait to be invited. Often of course, that might not happen, so nothing happens at all. This is clearly something to be tackled this month.

It’s fear of rejection that stops me. I don’t want to be told no, and I lack access to a crystal ball that tells me whether a) proposed invitee is available, b) they’re open to what I’m suggesting, and of course c) they like me enough to accept. So, in the spirit of Fear of Not Trying I proposed to become the inviter wherever possible this month. My first opportunity has arisen, and by gum, I’ve taken it.

A lovely Australian lady works here at the art school. She’s married to an equally lovely Aussie bloke, who also works here at the art school. Hubby and I are off to Australia in April. This is an quite obviously an invite waiting to happen, no?

So I mentioned to Lovely Aussie Lady that I was headed to her neck of the woods and would love some travel tips. She instantly spewed forth some travel gold that I’d never remember, so I suggested I pin her down sometime, buy her a coffee and sit with paper and pen, frantically scribing her knowledge. Just suggesting that took balls of steel (for me anyway). After a week of failing to match up our in work availability however, I took the bull by the horns and suggested we abandon that format and instead have both her and hubby (with their collective knowledge) over for drinks instead. Even scarier. I’m now asking her to give up her social time for me, not just a free moment at work in the campus cafe. She seemed fairly keen and said she’d check their schedule. I say this a lot when I have no intention of doing something, so there’s no telling how keen she truly is. I think I’m OK with a no. It’s still better than never having asked, right? right??

lonely planet

obviously I could just read the Lonely Planet, but where would the challenge be in that?


3 thoughts on “Social Horizons Feb: the invitee becomes the inviter

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