Social Horizons Feb: Halfway report

It’s now two weeks since I armed myself with a copy of How to Make Friends & Influence People, and vowed to work on expanding my (rather limited) social horizons for a month. Halfway through Social Horizon’s February, I’d be lying if I said it’s getting easy, but I admit I’m quietly chuffed with my progress so far…

I have succeeded in talking to at least one new person each time I go to salsa (and I had a gutsy moment last week, in which I approached a little group of people. Doesn’t sound like a big deal? I assure you, I was shitting myself!).

I invited a couple from work over for drinks with hubby and I (invitation as yet to be taken up – but I did the scary inviting bit!).

I accepted an invite to a life drawing class, that frankly struck terror into me, and I went! And I enjoyed it!

I find myself chatting with more people at work; consciously striving to put the book’s tactics into practise, even with people I’ve been chatting to for years.

With two weeks to go, I’m feeling the urge to step things up a bit. I’m going to switch my rather solitary workout options of running, and yoga in my bedroom, for group exercise classes in a bid to put myself (and my newly developing social skills) out there a bit more. I’m also planning on going to a couple of Meet-up activities because hell, why not throw myself in the deep end with a bunch of complete strangers?

I’ve yet to progress a salsa acquaintance to a non-salsa meeting. I’m still scoping out prospects. I fear fledgeling friendships may take a little more nurturing than I can manage in the time allocated before a date is made. However, I have some cunning new tricks up my sleeve, so I may still surprise myself. I need to focus on that fear of not trying and just throw everything at it.

As always, suggestions for ways to expand my social horizons will be gratefully received.


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