Social Horizon’s Feb: is it ok to chase an invite?

It’s nearly the end of February and neither of my friendship progressing targets are on track. I’m miles off developing a salsa friendship beyond the scene, but I did make some headway at work by offering wine in exchange for travel tips.

This invite was quite well received to start with, but hasn’t been mentioned since, despite a few opportunities for doing so in the meantime. So today, with that fear of not trying snapping at my heels, I re-issued the invite. Yes, I chased it. Not dissuaded by the lack of uptake the first time around, I persisted. Is this classified as pestering? Am I now showing my desperation and scaring said invitee off? Well, perhaps. But would I be any further forward if I didn’t chase? No, I would not.

So, with only a bit of ego at stake, chasing the invite seems worth the risk. I knew this resolution, if followed through properly, would involve being vulnerable to having my ego bruised. So good, I must be doing it right. Vulnerability is awesome anyway – ask this lady. She knows.


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