Join a Choir? Dare I…?

Look at this! It’s a choir! It’s a Rock Choir! It’s near me! I’m learning to sing… do you see where I’m going with this? You have to pay to join (hmmm) but aha, there’s a free taster session.

I haven’t even had my first singing lesson yet (that’s tonight – eek!). I fear this may be jumping the gun a tad. For the sake of the poor choir, if not myself.

That said, the name of the game here is pushing myself, and this is pretty far out of my comfort zone, so it certainly ticks that box. I’m stopping short of joining a choir you have to audition for, mind. Not yet. My fear-facing does still have an upper limit, ya know. Furthermore, I’m not joining until somebody has had the chance to smooth my vocals a bit. I’m looking at this as a target for the end of the month. I’m just putting it out there, publicly committing myself to reduce the chances of my just ending up in a bar instead.


3 thoughts on “Join a Choir? Dare I…?

    • Ha! So would I! Hence the public announcement of my intention! I keep telling myself ‘it’s just the once, you can retreat to the bar again next week’.

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