Singing Lesson #3: gaining confidence

After last week’s series of mini-meltdowns, I was a touch more prepared for any challenges my teacher felt like hurling at me today. It helped of course, that I wasn’t feeling quite as low and vulnerable as I did last week. I did not freak out when I couldn’t match the note she was playing on the piano. I simply asked her to sing it too, as I find her voice so much easier to hear and match. Neither did I freak out when she asked me to sing the first two verses of Tiny Dancer on. my. own. I may have pulled some faces as I heard my voice trying to hit certain notes. I may have giggled like an idiot at my tragic vocal attempts during the chorus. I remained, however, freak-out free.

The biggest achievement of the class was keeping my cool as I failed time after time (after time, after time) to get the note change right on one particular word. The self-conscious giggles reappeared, but I diligently tried, failed, tried, failed, tried… until I finally got somewhere close enough to satisfy my teacher.

I wouldn’t say that my final rendition of the session was flawless. There were rough patches. And bum notes. I would NOT have got through to the next round of X-Factor on that performance. HOWEVER, I could feel the improvement in how many notes I was hitting and holding. There was a marked increase in power. It sounded fairly confident – mainly because I’m a subscriber to the fake it ’til you make it school of thought. I’m faking my confidence now, but it’s coming. It’s coming.

Next week, is apparently going to be all about singing Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. It’s got a bit more power to it and has some trickier note changes.

Hmmm… sounds like an impending car crash in singing lesson form to me. Still, challenge is what it’s all about, is it not? Best buckle up!


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