Cheeky bonus: The stirrings of creativity

This blog is about pushing out of my comfort zones. Doing things I wouldn’t usually do. It’s about personal development, with a handy bit of writing practise thrown in. What I didn’t expect was a sudden and unexpected bonus; a release from a writers block that I’ve had for well over a decade.

I’d considered having a writing month. I’m still considering doing the NaNoWriMo for November – a huge challenge in writing terms. Unexpectedly though, the writing has slowly begun to mushroom in the background, almost of it’s own accord.

As I started thinking about what in hell’s name I might write a novel about, little spores of inspiration were released, almost without me noticing. Meanwhile… in Huddersfield, a fellow writer/very good friend has been firing on all cylinders, writing short story after (incredibly good) short story, pinging them over to me and inspiring me a tiny bit more with each one.

I couldn’t tell you where the first concrete story idea came from. As somebody who hasn’t been able to think of single thing to write about for, gosh, 17 years now, I’m taken rather by surprise. Blogging has really helped. Just writing something seems to have nudged my sleepy writing muscle out of it’s coma. Now, unexpectedly, ideas are starting to flow. Flow haltingly, (more broken tap than babbling brook) but flow nonetheless.

So with my knee still not dance-on-able, I’ve found myself racing home to write, rather than to execute a F1-pit-stop-esque turnaround from office to dance floor. I’m still pining for my dance shoes, but the response my first story garnered from those who read it was almost worth falling over for!

Being able to write again feels amazing. It may not have come out of a designated writing month, but I suspect it wouldn’t have happened at all without the blog. In fact having it just rock up, like an unexpected visit from a long lost friend makes it all the more awesome.


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