Singing Lesson #4: belting it out

Last night was my final singing lesson. As promised I was tasked with singing Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. I had concerns about the ‘use’ – it sounded like quite the note change. I fully expected to sound like an adolescent male in voice break.

Turns out that big scary note change wasn’t so scary at all. In fact, neither were the long notes I had to hold. The trickiest part, to my amazement, was getting the timing. That’s not voice related. The voice bits were fine. Imagine my surprise! My voice has indeed improved. I can get higher up the scale practice without it cracking.  I can transfer between high and low notes with less nasty scratchy bits. I can hold notes longer (using my recently located diaphragm).

I won’t be winning any contests. I am still not equal in voice to the other Adele. However, when my teacher asked me last night if I’d get up and do karaoke in the future, my answer was not “it’s best for all involved that I don’t”. My answer was, “maybe, with some alcohol”. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a leap forward.

So now I feel I need to do something to test my increased singing confidence. I wanted to try the Rock Choir, but they’re on Easter break ALREADY!? So I found this rather more sedate choir, which sounds simple enough to turn up to. They look a bit C of E: Eddie Izzard definition…

… but hey-ho, they have a session I can jump into next Tuesday and the first (and only) one will be free.  I’m feeling fairly terrified just thinking about it. I may be able to sing two songs more confidently, but shit, I’m still no singer. I’ll probably have to bribe myself with something. This is so far out of my comfort zone that I can’t actually see my comfort zone anymore! In fact, this is a comfort zone b.o.g.o.f – I’m meeting a group of complete strangers and therefore expanding my social horizons again.

I can do this, I can do this, I can do this….

My lovely vocal coach, by the way, has been Sarah Clough. She’s fab, a real confidence booster. Highly recommended.


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