Social Horizons Feb update: Listening

I’m on a high this morning. Last night I danced, for the first time since stupidly tripping and bashing my knee. After years? weeks of hobbling about like something from Dawn of The Dead, teaching last night’s cha-cha class with hubby felt like a little miracle.  I was elegant, fluid again. It was amazing. AMAZING.

I was under strict physio instructions to only teach the classes, then rest for the night. So, having survived the class with no knee pain, I plonked myself on a sofa, sent hubby to fetch me a celebratory cocktail and spectated.

It wasn’t pre-meditated, but it turned out to be a great social move. People kept popping over to ask how I was (how nice!), and I found myself employing bits of How To Win Friends and Influence People advice, without really thinking about it. Social Horizons Feb was paying off. Having regaled each person with my tale of clumsiness and ensuing immobility, I was deftly turning the conversation onto them. I had all night, so took full advantage, sat back and practised my listening skills.

The power of listening shouldn’t be underestimated. Not only did I learn lots of new things about my fellow salseros, but I gained a social engagement. Listening did that. By listening I learned that one lady is setting up as a private Spanish tutor. My confidence must be up as, to my surprise, I suggested we do a skill swap (my Spanish grammar could use some oiling). We’ve agreed to swap dance instruction for Spanish instruction. I’m rather excited about it.

Progressed a salsa friendship beyond the scene: mission nearly, belatedly accomplished!


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