Live Bath like a tourist: a museum trip

So, this challenge is trickier to keep up with than I thought. I keep forgetting to take pictures. How hard should it be? I know! I’m bewildered at myself, I promise you. I’ll do better this weekend, I promise!

I’ve got a big list of museums I want to get to, but so far have only been to one. Mind you, that one, The Herschel Museum of Astronomy was a little revelation.

I’d only been half aware that it even existed before I started perusing Trip Advisor for this challenge, but it got great reviews and seemed my best chance of getting hubby interested (he’s an engineer). I was right. His look of horror at the mention of museums (you want me to do what with my weekend?) changed to one of surprised optimism at the mention of this one. So off we went.

What a lovely couple of hours we had! The museum is tucked away in a little Georgian townhouse. The very Georgian townhouse, in fact, that William and Caroline Herschel lived in while making various important discoveries (like, oh, just Uranus and Infra-red!).

It’s set up to look like it would have back then, has loads of star-gazing and scientific apparatus on display (including the actual glass prism they discovered infra-red with, and the actual mirrors they made for his telescopes). There’s also a tiny cinema room showing a nice little film about their lives. It mentions an explosion in the kitchen that came about while forging mirrors and exploded all the flagstones, and indeed you can still see the original shattered flagstones down in the (largely unchanged) kitchen. Marvellous!


I came away feeling thoroughly educated and delighted that all this had happened right here in Bath. I’m really hoping to get to some more tourist attractions this weekend (though not convinced hubby can be tempted again), before we head off to travel Sydney like locals.


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