book group update

Back in Social Horizons February, I rocked up to a book group without having read the book. It was worth doing so, as I got chatting to two very nice women. One of them was fantastically proactive and took our email addresses to arrange another night out sometime. I was delighted, but she never emailed. So it was with a touch of trepidation that I turned up to the following book group meeting.

I don’t think of myself as paranoid, but I’ll be honest; I had genuinely assumed that the two of them had snuck off and arranged something between them, with not the slightest intention of involving me. I was a little hurt, but tried not to let it bother me. In hindsight, what a terrible thing to assume! The proactive woman had in fact been really ill and emailed neither of us. She was straight back on (both) our cases at the next meeting and we’ve all since arranged to go out for a drink next wednesday. I hardly need declare how idiotic I feel re – my previous assumptions. Where in God’s name did that persecution complex come from?

Anyway, delusional self-doubt crises aside, this is fantastic news. This is my social horizons expanding, is it not? This, people is a mission accomplished!


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