7-a-day May

So, due to awkwardly placed holiday dates, My May challenge is going to be only around 2 weeks. Doesn’t give me time to get my teeth into much, so I have a short but sweet challenge lined up.

It turns out, after years of patting myself on the back whenever I shoehorned 5 portions of fruit and veg into my day, I was in fact still not getting enough vits. No. Now they say we should be having 7 a day. Or 3 fruit, 4 veg, to be specific. Shifting goals posts, or what? What next? Well Aussie’s are already ahead with guidelines of an equivalent 8.5 portions a day. What is clear is that eating a lot of fruit and veg is pretty essential to good health.

Since that goalpost shifted I’ve been making an effort to cram in the disease-fighting 7-a-day, with mixed results. It’s all very well if you’re super-organised, but the second you forget to pack your soup or salad for lunch and have to resort to an unimpressive pre-packed sandwich from the canteen, you’re well and truly on the back foot.

So, to prove that this is doable (to myself as much as anyone else), I’m going to track all my fruit and veg intake until the end of the month and see how I do. Starting today.


2 thoughts on “7-a-day May

  1. I heard that it’s now a whopping 10 fruit and veg a day that we need and it’s all to do with poor nutrition in the fruit and veg grown now because, due to consumer demands, it’s grown all year round, in places like Spain, rather than solely during the seasons in which it’s genetically designed to grow, e.g. bananas are forced to grow in winter, under contrived conditions, when their growing season is spring / summer. I hope that makes sense.

    • Makes perfect sense. I hadn’t heard that, but it figures. Hopefully my veg boxes are a bit more seasonal and therefore nutritious. Still, the disease-proofing aspect has sold me on continuing to get at least 7 a day. I love veggies anyway and now I’m not counting so obsessively, it’s much less tedious. I’m just cramming as much fruit and veg into my face as I can on a daily basis.

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