7-a-day May observation; portions are tricky

It’s going well, overall. I’m pretty sure I’m getting my 7-a-day (I’ll post a food diary at the end of the week), but I can’t be absolutely sure. Why? because working out what’s a portion is a freaking minefield. To be 100% confident that my meals contain the requisite fruit or veg portions, I’d have to count mushrooms, weigh leafy veg… I’m having none of it. I’m trying to be healthy, not develop OCD. A few websites have rough guides to what a portion is, but they’re not exhaustive, so even with time spent on researching every sodding meal I put together, there’s a certain amount of guess work going into this. Then there’s the advanced applied mathematics required when you split a broccoli head over more than one meal, and then split one of those meals three ways… Can you believe nobody has developed an app for this yet? I know! Thank god for shop bought stuff that tells you how many portions it has in. Innocent veg pots are wondrous little things, aren’t they? Three portions in there! Three! In that little tub! Amazing! innocent Needless to say, that’s my lunches sorted. Shop bought smoothies are featuring heavily at breakfast, too (two easy portions? Yes, thank you). Make my own? If you’d seen me of a morning, you’d know; I am not that person. Even the pre-packed, labelled stuff foxes me here and there, though. A massive packet of stir-fry I picked up in Waitrose the other day claimed to only have one portion in. One? HOW? How can that be, when a tiny pot of curry has three portions in it? What strange vegetable maths is this? I remain baffled.


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