Giving back & paying foward June

I know! I know! It’s been ages. This is a preposterously busy period at work. Beyond that I have no excuse and hang my head in shame. I need to pull something really good out of the bag this month don’t I? To make up for the recent radio silence and May’s (while interesting and valuable to my health), frankly lame challenge. I couldn’t even keep a food diary for two weeks. I know. I’m surprised the blog police didn’t come and take my blog away.

So, this one has been on my mind since the beginning of the year and now seems like a bloody good time to crack it open. I’m going to have a month of doing what I can to make a difference on a one-person scale. This month is Giving Back & Paying Forward June. I’m aware I’ve missed a week of it already, but I shall hurl myself into it with much zeal, to compensate. I promise.

In fact, I have already made a start on one aspect of it. I’d planned to give all my private salsa class earnings to charity this month and indeed I haven’t spent any of them yet (yes, it was because that dress didn’t look as good on, but hasn’t it worked out well?), so will continue to save them, adding the rest as I go. It strikes me, though, that I could up my income to increase my impact. I currently only teach one class a week, and we all know every little helps, but why stop there if you can do more? Quite. So I’m going to look into doing some extra classes, perhaps promote them at the regular nights…?

Aside from burning a hole in my purse with money that I’d usually go skipping into H&M with, I’m also on the lookout for pay-it-forward opportunities (not necessarily 5 things, like in the film. Not necessarily huge things, like in the film. Just any would be good), random acts of kindness I can issue, and anything specific – perhaps hands-on? – that I can do for causes that I particularly relate to.


I have a lot of research to do. For a start, I haven’t even decided where my salsa earnings should go. Where to even start? There’s some cracking charities out there. On top of that, I’m mainly going to be furiously hunting for ideas. Ideas for everything. Pay it forwards, random acts of kindness, and, most excitingly… something to submit to the Awesome Foundation, which gives out £1000 grants to do something awesome (and generally worthy) with. I can’t promise I’ll think of something awesome enough to get a grant, but by god I plan to try.




3 thoughts on “Giving back & paying foward June

  1. What about a street salsa event for charity? You’d need to get the council’s permission and get a load of your salsa buddies on board, but you could do some street dancing and collect money at the same time? By the way, loved the film ‘Pay it Forward’ – great concept – apart from the ending though; that was just too much!

    • Agreed. Amazing film. Traumatic ending.

      A street salsa event would be fab, but the idea of putting it together brings me out in a cold sweat. I think I’m going to stick to the subtler forms of collection. I’m having a really hard time already setting up extra classes for charity, because I get so embarrassed about telling people what I’m doing. I’m going to have to really push out of my comfort zone just for that.

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