A truly first world problem: Struggling to give back

So this is nowhere near as easy as I thought it would be. Everything has gone pear-shaped.

My regular salsa student has cancelled his last two lessons, halving the month’s salsa income that I can give to charity. Logistics stand firmly in the way of doing extra classes. I’m flailing wildly through the internet, completely bemused by the number of charities out there and flummoxed as to which I should give to. I bought a homeless guy a coffee the other day (my only victory this month – and nothing I don’t do anyway), and have been trying really hard to be kind to people, but I keep missing opportunities. And frustratingly, many of them are opportunities I wouldn’t usually have missed. I’m in fact being less kind and charitable than usual. Arrgh! Help! What’s going on?

Last week I repeatedly failed to lay my hands on some vouchers for the local homeless shelter. I love that idea – that you can buy vouchers to give to homeless people that will get them a bed for the night, or a hot meal. I’ve been intending to buy some for yonks, and this month’s challenge seemed rather the time to do so. However, these things are NOT easy to come by. They’re available from several places that are shut by the time I get into town, plus one place that may or may not be shut, but I haven’t dared approach yet, owing to the large group of homeless people loitering intimidatingly right outside the door. I’m not proud of myself for this cowardice, and this blog being all about comfort zone pushing and all, I have no good reason not to brace myself and do this. So, in the name of ‘fear of not trying’, here it is in black and white: I will go there tonight. There, I’m accountable. If I wuss out tonight, I’ll have to blog that I did so.

Oh, yeah, Awesome Foundation… inspiration has not been forthcoming. Urgh. This month is tough. I repeat; Aargh! Help!

In the meantime, what I can do is appreciate what a truly first world problem this is: oh woe is me, I’m struggling to give money away for my blog! Just the fact that I’m able to give something makes me incredibly lucky. Remembering that and being grateful for it, is better than whining about not being able to give it away. That said, I’m still going to that scary place tonight.



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