Night Shelter Vouchers & a Strawberry Milkshake

After yesterday’s whinge about struggling to give back etc, I left work charged with new resolve and made for the night shelter, to brave the intimidating group outside and finally get my hands on some vouchers. The weather and ensuing thirst dictated I went via Waitrose to rehydrate, and spying a Big Issue seller outside, I gave myself a quick mental ass-kicking and stepped up to the metaphorical plate. Passing him on the way into Waitrose, I promised to return imminently with some cash, and asked him if there was anything I could get him. He ordered a strawberry milkshake. He has a thing for them, it seems.

Big Issue purchased (£2.50?? I thought it’d be about a quid!) and strawberry milkshake delivered, I legged it down to the shelter (ok, I stopped for an Iced Coffee en route).

The group on the steps outside was there, but smaller than it had been, and maybe because I’d got my determined head on, less intimidating too. I walked past them without incident (all that worrying! For what? Have I learnt nothing so far this year?) and buzzed in.

I wanted to buy a whole salsa lesson earning’s worth of vouchers, but they didn’t have enough in stock so I took 20 quid’s worth to start with. They come in 50p’s and £3 buys a night in the shelter, with 3 meals included. Wow! They must have some fantastic volunteers and a lot of help with food costs. People can also buy lunch boxes from them for £1, which the vouchers cover too. So I’ll be taking my vouchers out with me to salsa tonight, as we almost always see some homeless people knocking about on our way home through the city centre. I have enough for six nights in the shelter and two lunches.

And because I was feeling all generous and wotnot, I then stopped and asked a couple with two maps and befuddled expressions if they needed directions (I know, a proper Sherlock aren’t I?), sending them happily on their way to admire The Circus.

I may have stopped in All Saints before heading home, and bought myself a natty little white shirt shaped reward… not with my salsa earnings though. They’re still saved for doing good.



3 thoughts on “Night Shelter Vouchers & a Strawberry Milkshake

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