Social Horizons Feb update: New friends

It may have been a few months ago, but the results of my month of stepping out of my social comfort zones to meet new people is still paying off. I’ve now had a couple of lovely nights out with the two girls I hit it off with at book group (which I’m still going to – we’re reading Shutter Island this month), and we have more pencilled in. I’ve surprised myself with how easy that was. How easy it still is. We get on great.

I’d fancied joining a book group for yonks, but was pretty intimidated by the prospect. What if everybody has a degree in English Lit and dissects the novel in a frighteningly intelligent way that I can’t match? *rolls eyes at past self while typing* If it wasn’t for the blog, I probably wouldn’t have done it. I wonder when I’ll finally learn for good that scary things are worth doing…



3 thoughts on “Social Horizons Feb update: New friends

  1. I find it daunting joining groups. I felt the same as you when I joined a writing group but it’s nothing like I ever imagined so pleased I went to experience it. A reading group sounds a lot of fun though. I quite like all that dissecting of media. A book should be a lot easier than other forms though because your interpretation of the authors words will be hugely different to everyone else’s anyway.

    • Agreed Sophie! Always daunting, but never as scary as imagined. A writers group you say? That would scare the bejesus out of me! Yet, now you’ve said that, I’m sort of tempted… what sort of things do you do? Huge thanks for dropping by and commenting!

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