Suspended Coffee

Whilst wading through the bewildering array of charities vying for my disposable income this month, I happened across Social Bite, a cafe chain in Scotland that not only puts all it’s profits into charity, but employs homeless people and runs the marvellous Suspended Coffee scheme.

I first saw Suspended Coffees as a link posted on Facebook a year or so ago, and loved the idea. A Simple but effective (all the best ideas are, aren’t they?) way of enabling lots of people to pay it forward. I then forgot all about it. We don’t have anywhere offering the scheme in Bath, so the concept fell off my radar.

Social Bite is a hot contender for at least part of my donation, but it’s up in Scotland and I really wish we had somewhere offering the scheme here in Bath. If I ran a cafe I’d be all over it, but I don’t. I do, however have a favourite independent cafe here that I think may consider doing suspended coffees, so I took a few minutes to post a link to the Suspended Coffee website (with it’s lovely little explanatory video) on said cafe’s Facebook page, saying I’d love to see them take it up. They may or may not go for it, but I’m pleased I’ve at least piped up and suggested it. If they use it, that will have been a few minutes very well spent.


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