Mini Kindnesses

I’ve just one day left of giving back and paying forward. I’ve almost settled on the charities I’m donating my salsa earnings for the month to (to be discussed in separate post), and I’m pleased to report I gave some homeless shelter vouchers to a much more appreciative recipient than the last one over the weekend. I want to squeeze as much as I can out of this last day, though. So I’m drawing inspiration from the incredibly lovely Light to Life blog by bucket lister Christine Barba.  One of her lists is (mostly) mini acts of kindness that she’s ticking off. There’s some really lovely, simple ideas on there, so I’ve selected a few quick and easy ones (and mixed couple of my own in there, too) that I can do without any prep, and am going to see how many I can get through for my last day of this challenge. Thanks Christine! Loving your work!

1. Compliment a passing runner on his/her form (I wussed out. But I did thumbs up a busker as I ran past him. Does that count?)

2. Leave inspirational messages on sticky notes in public bathrooms/places

3. Pay for someone’s coffee, who is in line behind me (no time for coffee last night. Too busy flying around with post-its and trying to find decent flowers)

4. Join free rice and donate at least (10,000) grains of rice (I managed 5000 (damned RSI), but I’m counting that).

5. Call a charity shop to collect our lost property items

6. Leave flowers on a stranger’s doorstep (I tried. I did. But they only had scabby flowers or pricey flowers left in Waitrose last night)

7. Write a nice letter and leave it in a book for a stranger to find (I in fact did 5 of these. It was great fun!)

8. Compliment 20 strangers in one day (Erm… I managed two. I hang my head in shame)

9. Give a book token to the homeless guy I always see sat reading (couldn’t find him! Will keep book token on me for future)

10. Pick up a piece of rubbish lying in the street and Put it in a bin (Can you believe I didn’t see any rubbish on the street on my way home? Sterling work Bath City Council!)

Here goes…


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