Giving back: who deserves it most?

…Is an impossible question to answer. Choosing charities to donate to has been a bewildering process. So many causes, so many factors to weigh up. How ‘effective’ is the charity? Should I go global? National? Local? Large, efficient charity or micro-giving? Arrrgh! I’ve been round in many a circle. So after confusing the crap out of myself for the last few weeks, I have decided to split my salsa earnings this month between…

a) The homeless in my own city. Doing something local feels right, even if my money doesn’t go as far and isn’t considered as ‘effective’.
b) Give Directly. Covering the ‘effective’ charity base, Give Directly seek out exceptionally poor households who need funds and wire your money directly into their accounts. It being the developing world they’re assisting, your money goes a long way. You can achieve a lot with a little.
c) She’s The First. I can’t claim to be an expert on what truly makes a difference, but education seems like a good start to getting communities out of poverty. Being a feminist (as we all should be), I’m also pretty keen on the idea of getting girls educated in parts of the world that wouldn’t usually give them that opportunity. She’s The First lets you sponsor the education of a girl in a low income country. Many of them are at high risk of being married off young and having children early. Educating them increases their potential wage when they start work, as well as delaying marriage and childbirth. Better for their health, better for their wealth, better for the community. I’m going to have to raid my non-salsa earnings to supplement a sponsorship, but I’m looking into payroll donations instead, which gets me some help from mr taxman 🙂

In the meantime, I’m off to pay in my salsa money on the way home from work today, and then get my donations in as soon as the money hits my account.


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