Try something new July: Wild Swimming

I’m kind of delighted and crapping myself all at once about this month’s challenge. I love the idea of wild swimming, but the reality (icky things touching me in the water) freaks me out. A friend at work mentioned she’d just started wild swimming with a group that go to a lovely weir not far from Bath. My ears pricked right up. Before I knew it, I’d got myself a new thing to try for July. Eek!


The first swim is tomorrow night. There’s a BBQ/picnic on the grass afterward. How utterly lovely. Even better, if I can get my old neglected bike working, a few of them meet up at Bath Spa Train Station and cycle there together. I am loving that idea. That particular part will have to wait until next time though, as my bike is currently many varieties of not road safe. For now, I’ll just catch the bus.

Just the minor matter of the icky things in the water to get past now…


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