Motivation; both deep and shallow

I’m starting to feel a bit wobbly about this wild swimming malarky tonight.

What if I’m not a strong enough swimmer? I don’t want to make a fool of myself. Or worse, drown myself. I usually go for a run of a Wednesday evening and am currently wishing that’s all tonight held in store. A nice run along the canal, followed a yoga stretch at home. So much less scary than swimming against a current, accompanied by waterborne icky things.

I’m starting to look for excuses not to go – I need motivation. Stat.

I’m going for a two-pronged attack here. Firstly, I’m reminding myself of the previous lesson this blog taught me about fear-of-not-trying kicking fear-of-failure’s sorry ass.

Secondly (and on a decidedly more shallow level), I’m buying myself some nice swimwear. And I’m bringing out the big guns. I’m off to Sweaty Betty. If you’re not familiar with its work, Sweaty Betty does a mean line in gorgeous, well-made, not ever-so cheap sportswear. I generally can’t afford it. I merely lust after it through the window, and then slouch off to H&M (they also do very nice sportswear, which I can justify buying).

However, in a fortuitous aligning of events, my crisis of confidence has come at the same time as the Sweaty Betty sale. I don’t have much time for a pre-swim shopping trip, but this is a sign I can’t ignore.


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