Wild Swim #1, plus Sunset BBQ

I did it! I swam in Claverton Wier and it was amazing!

After a failed shopping trip in Sweaty Betty, some panic food buying in M&S, and a frenzied change of clothes and packing of bags, I left the house with no minutes to spare to catch my lift (with a complete stranger) up to the wier.  Happily, this manic lead up to the event actually helped my state of mind by stopping me focusing on anything beyond just getting there.

The lady who picked me up (all arranged via the Meetup website) was lovely, and fantastically organised. My polar opposite in organisation terms. We chatted all the way there and I really didn’t think about what I was about to do until, well, until I was about to do it.

When we arrived, we were greeted with rather lovely section of river to swim in.

photo 1 (2)

I won’t lie. Getting in was decidedly icky. It was muddy and squelchy, and had I been on my own or just with hubby, ain’t no way I’d have gone in. Thank God for peer pressure. And for having somebody more freaked out than me to coax in. I squelched my way down the river bank and launched myself into the decidedly chilly river.

Once the shock of the cold water had subsided (and I could breathe normally again), the thrill of swimming past ducklings and beautiful wooded riverbanks took over and I absolutely LOVED it.

I was pleasantly surprised at how strong my swimming was. My technique is non-existent. I specialise in the granny breast stroke – you know, the one that doesn’t get your hair wet. That non-technique more than did the job, though. I think I was actually the quickest swimmer in the group, and impressed myself with how easily I swam against the current away from the weir.

We had a lovely picnic and BBQ on the riverbank afterwards, with this rather beautiful sunset in the background.

photo 2 (2)

The hot food soon stopped us all shivering. Social February and the comfort zones I stepped out of then, really helped here, as I was essential picnicking with a group of complete strangers and didn’t mind a bit. I went home feeling completely blissed out, dived under a hot shower and snuggled up with a book, feeling really rather pleased with myself.


5 thoughts on “Wild Swim #1, plus Sunset BBQ

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  2. Meant to say ‘I don’t believe it’ and now I can’t edit my last comment. That’ll teach me for making comments on blogs in a dark room when I’m half asleep!

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