a tummy bug & a river festival

Well, I’d like to tell you I swung by Bristol Lido with hubby this weekend for a (semi) wild swim. That’s what I’d planned to do. However, Friday began with a tummy bug, which resulted in the mother of all migraines on Saturday, which only disappeared at around 11am on Sunday and left me feeling rather too zapped for swimming, wild, semi-wild or otherwise.

I can’t be sure, but I may well have picked up the aforementioned bug in my gorgeous first wild swim at Claverton Weir. Drat. I’m not letting it put me off yet, though (I’m as yet undecided whether this is brave or stupid). It was so bloody wonderful. I will not be deterred. Unless I get sick again next time. I’m not that desperate.

This week is full of things keeping me away from Claverton Weir and the group I swam there with last week. They’re going on a Tuesday this week, which is salsa night. No can do. Even if they did go on Wednesday, though, I’m at book club, nurturing the new friendships I gained back in Social Horizons Feb. Better luck next week, I guess. Or maybe I’ll make it to Bristol Lido this weekend.

I’m not completely devoid of wild swimming news, mind you. I’m in the process of signing up to do a swim at Chippenham River Festival on 19 July. This is a tad more (terrifyingly) formal than a splash about in the weir. It’s a particular distance for a start (2/3 mile). Particular distances (like a 5k, 10k, marathon in running), bring out those who take themselves seriously, don’t they? I’m not even sure I can swim that far in one go. It’s called the Big Swim. I do hope that refers to the number of people swimming it rather than the distance. I’m not sure why I’m even considering this, other than this infernal blog and it’s habit of pushing me out of my comfort zones. I do hope I don’t drown. Drowning would be very bad news for the blog, would it not?


6 thoughts on “a tummy bug & a river festival

  1. Drowning would be bad news for the blog; in fact, it would be the end of the blog – sniff. Don’t drown and don’t die of polluted water poisoning either. I knew there was something other than fish with teeth, squelchy mud and freezing cold water, even in summer, putting me off wild swimming! Thanks for the reminder

    • Damn, almost had you converted there. Forget the icky stuff. I was the only one that got ill, so might not even have been that. Focus on the ducklings. Ducklings!

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