Chippenham River Fest Big Swim: Eek!

I don’t know why I’ve been dragging my feet about submitting my entry to the Chippenham Big Swim. Oh, wait. I do. Sheer terror. As previously stated. I haven’t the foggiest whether I can swim this distance or not. It would be terribly embarrassing/potentially fatal if it turns out I can’t.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by how strong a swimmer I was during my dip in Claverton Weir, so I’m probably worrying over nothing. So I’ve just emailed over my entry form (along with a casual enquiry as to whether the swim is with or against the current) and sent my payment via online banking. It would seem there’s no going back now. Errrm… Yay!?

I’ve also joined the Meetup swim for the week after next. There isn’t one next week, but the lady at work who first set me on this wild swimming path might be going, so I’ve given her my number and hope to go next week with her.


3 thoughts on “Chippenham River Fest Big Swim: Eek!

  1. Surely there will be wardens / lifeguards on hand to throw you a life ring / pull you out of the river should you be struggling? I will read your blogged results of this Big Swim with interest. Still think you’re mad – was the tummy bug not a sign?? But, I understand that, for the sake of this blog, you need to push boundaries

    • Yes, I’m sure somebody will rescue me – just being dramatic 🙂
      I’m taking the tummy bug as a one-off until proved otherwise. I enjoyed my swim so much, I’m reluctant to let one bad experience stop me. The Chippenham swim is definitely a case of pushing my boundaries, though.

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