Wild Swimming. Or not…

Even after getting a tummy bug on my first attempt, I’m desperate to get back out wild swimming again. It was just so lovely. This is certainly a challenge I’ll be continuing beyond it’s nominated month.

Getting back out is proving frustratingly tricky, however. Wild swimming should always be done in company, in case you get cramp, hypothermia or any other death-accelerating conditions likely to befall you in a river. It’s just good self-preservation practice. It is, however, quite the limiting factor if everybody you know looks at you in horror at the very idea of swimming in a river. Hubby would rather die – indeed he fears that’s exactly what he’d do were he to go anywhere near that river. The group I found on MeetUp to go with last time are mysteriously not going this week (though I’ve already signed up for next week’s swim like a sad keener), and the one other person I know who’s also dying to go, can’t get a bloody babysitter. Colour me grumpy.

This dearth of wild swimming opportunities does have an upside, however. That big, scary Chippenham River Festival Big Swim this weekend, (for which I’ve done no training in the slightest), is looking more and more appealing, and simultaneously less and less something I want to chicken out of. I’m pleasantly surprised how easily wild swimming slipped into my comfort zone. I hope this organised-swim-malarkey does the same.

In the meantime, for those of you who have more adventurous friends and/or partners to wild swim with, here’s some rather fabulous locations to do so.


One thought on “Wild Swimming. Or not…

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