Wild Swim #3 & the afterglow

Despite the mystery that seems to surround buses to Claverton, I did eventually get to the Weir on my own steam last night (by just plonking myself on the most likely bus and hoping it all worked out. It did. Phew.).

It being school hols and a stinking hot day, the weir was much busier this time. Families, groups of teens, couples and the odd dog were out splashing around, lounging on the weir wall, causing chaos with dinghy’s,  and picnicking on the banks. Our group has a quiet little spot further down, though and getting in up-river of the weir gave us a lovely, quiet stretch to swim before we met the crowds. Again, it was a really lovely swim (once I’d picked my way down the ‘orrible muddy bank).


What I’ve noticed each time I’ve been for a wild swim, is the afterglow; a fabulous feeling of strength and relaxed, happy, well-being that follows me round the whole of the following day. Of course, the first time around, this was followed the day after that with much vomiting. Shame. I took my tummy bug secret weapons with me last night, though (Coca-Cola and pretzels), so long may the afterglow continue *crosses all available limbs and digits*!


One thought on “Wild Swim #3 & the afterglow

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