Happy August

Eek! This month rather caught me out. I’d had a month getting over my fear of various DIY jobs around the house planned. I thought hubby would be delighted to have an interested wife to tutor on the use of drills and other such terrifying tools (just me?). He was, in fact rather less than delighted. The suggestion sunk like one of his mums Yorkshire puds. Turns out the pressure to get something done on the house at least once a week was significantly more commitment than he’s at home to. So, after a few days floundering around for a plan b, I’ve settled on Happy August.

I reckon I’m a pretty happy person. I’m easily pleased with a bit of sunshine or a sit down with a good book. In fact, since tripping over and banging my knee earlier this year, just being able to walk, run, dance, swim, yoga etc is a delight.

However, when I tried the 100 Happy Days challenge earlier this year, I failed miserably. Not through lack of happiness, but through lack of remembering to be conscious of it. Remembering to be thankful for something every day and take a photo of it proved more than my inner to-do list could handle.

Perhaps a bit of added blog induced accountability will jog my memory? Let’s try. This rather engaging chap (yep. Been at the TED again) reckons 21 days of journaling three things your thankful for and one positive experience from that day is pretty much all anybody needs to turn them super-positive.

So, because positivity isn’t something you can have to much of, that’s precisely what I’m going to do. Starting now. I’ll try and throw in some 100 Happy Days style visual happinesses too.


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