Happy August • Day 2

1 good thing that happened today:

My lovely husband made my breaky for me.

3 things I’m thankful for:

1. living in such a beautiful city – Bath really is a joy to inhabit.

2. Our lovely little house. It’s a bit of a work in (very slow) progress, but even with its rough edges, our little Georgian terrace is so damn cute. I’m completely besotted with it and three years on, still can’t believe it was within our budget.

3. My husband (erm… clearly this should be higher up. Like yesterday higher. Sorry love!). He’s one of the ‘good ones’. He cooks, he dances, and he has a cheeky sense of humour that usually cracks me up.

Happy photo for the day:

A train zips by our house. I love the trains. They sound reassuringly urban and they put our house in our price bracket.


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