Happy August • Day 5

1 good thing that happened today:

 The weather! What a fabulously dramatic array of weather Hurricane Bertha has brought us in her tail! Bright sunshine, rainbows, whistling winds, mini monsoons, beautiful golden-grey light… It’s been quite the show.

3 things I’m thankful for:

1. Dance – it’s a creative outlet, marital bonding, and a social life all rolled into one. Neither hubby or I can imagine a life without dance any more.

2. Being married to somebody who enjoys cooking. For me cooking is a means to an end (and my meals reflect that – edible but average). For him it’s a creative process, one that frequently culminates in a masterpiece.

3. Reading. Literacy is something most of us take for granted, but even in the western world, even here in the  UK, it’s by no means guaranteed. Aside from how complicated life would be if I couldn’t read well, the joy of curling up with a book alone is enough to be thankful for. Even much fiction is hugely educational. It takes you around the world, back in time, up and down the echelons of society… It expands your horizons without you even leaving your armchair. 

Happy photo for the day:

Fabulous sunshine-meets-storm-clouds light, courtesy of Hurricane Bertha



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