Happy August • Day 6

1 good thing that happened today:

I got to work, from work and out for a run without once getting rained on, which is especially good as today’s showers were nothing short of biblical.

3 things I’m thankful for:

1. My job. I like the people, I like the pace, I like the walk in, through some of Bath’s loveliest streets. I can’t claim that it challenges me intellectually, but I like the fact it gives me the space to do that on my own time. That way, dance, writing and all the other things I express myself through, remain fun and un-pressured. Having worked six months a PR agency before this, I’m incredibly thankful for having a job that doesn’t keep me awake at night and turn me into a miserable arse every Sunday evening.

2. Living in the UK. It’s peaceful, democratic, affluent, temperate of climate and really rather beautiful. And, having just read Bill Bryson’s Notes from a Small Island, I’m currently feeling rather proud of it.

3. My family. Probably should’ve come up sooner than day 6! I feel incredibly lucky to have been brought up by my parents. Mum has taught me to prioritise life experiences (she used to take us away on holidays with hardly any money. We’d eat rubbish food and stay in Youth Hostels, but we’d have seen a new part of the country. She was big on showing us new stuff, despite a lack of income). My step-dad showed me that your ‘dad’ isn’t necessarily the guy who helped conceive you, it’s the guy who’s there for you. The guy who’ll drive two hours down the road at 10pm, to deliver a food parcel to you at uni, as you sob down the phone to your mum about being skint (He really did! He’s my actual hero). And of course a shout out to my little bro, who’s always been a great friend, ally and partner in mischief.

Happy photo for the day:

Run finished, and it's still a lovely evening.

Run finished, and it’s still a lovely evening.


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