Happy August • Day 9

1 good thing that happened today:

A lovely night out with the Hubble, at one of our fave bar’s special fish night, very aptly eating octopus while we planned our holiday in Galicia (and Cantabria and Asturias). Nom.

3 things I’m thankful for:

1. The LEGO Movie – for the sole reason that it’s soundtrack gets in my head for days at a time and has me singing EVERYTHING IS AWESOOOOME over and over, which has a mantra-like effect of making everything actually awesome.

2. Being a regular. We have a couple of favourite bar/restaurants that we almost always go to. We tend to sit at the bar, and have got to know the staff, who have got to know us. It’s not unusual for them to pour us a glass of wine before we’ve even sat down, because it’s new and they know our tastes enough to know we’ll love it. We also get to be guinea pigs for new foodie bits here and there. Samples of focaccia, or a new cake the chef just made, are known to appear magically in front of us. We’ve also got to know a few other regulars who perch at the bar, and chat to them too. It’s all getting a bit Cheers. And it turns out they were right. There IS something rather lovely about going somewhere where everybody knows your name, dum dum dum…

3. The variety of subjects this blog has had me writing about. Doing something different each month has come with an added bonus of introducing me to a fascinating array of blogs about wild swimming, bucket-listing, personal growth, health, food, doing good… Every month, with every new challenge, I find awesome new blogs (and sometimes they find me) that I wouldn’t have otherwise come across. Oh. Brainflash – I should absolutely be sharing these with you! Ok. Favourite blogs for each month, coming soon!

Happy photo for the day:


There’s a good boy, keep it coming…


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