Happy August • Day 13

1 good thing that happened today:

I booked flights for a weekend in Paris with mum in October. Very exciting, obviously. We went last year and accidentally discovered Nuit Blanche. It’s a massive arts festival with major galleries like the Pompidou centre open all night, and installations dotted all around Paris. It was fantastic and I’m so pleased we’re going back for more.

3 things I’m thankful for:

1. Having a mindless envelope stuffing task to ease myself into Monday with. My brain did NOT want to engage this morning. Even coffee didn’t kick-start it. Putting things in envelopes was about as involved as I could comfortably do until at least lunchtime. I was pretty chuffed when I discovered that was my first task.

2. The fact I genuinely enjoy running. I have friends who just run to stay in shape. It is after all, an amazing fat burner. They don’t really enjoy it, they just enjoy the results. I however, LOVE it. I run three times a week (tonight being one of them) and I genuinely look forward to it all day. I actually wake up in the morning sometimes and think ‘oh good, I’m running tonight’. I do, honest. I feel pretty lucky that my exercise routine is so enjoyable.

3. My running route. I know, I’m all about the running today, aren’t I? I think it’s because I missed my Saturday run. I was raring to go today. I got some serious running route envy in Sydney. Well, running the beach to beach paths and finishing with a quick dip in the sea is pretty idyllic. I do love my route however. It takes me along Bath’s canal towpath, which is really very lovely. Not least because I read somewhere that outdoor workouts are better for your mental well being than indoor ones, and outdoor workouts by water are pretty much the holy grail of happy exercise. Lucky me having it right on my doorstep!

Happy photo for the day:


My lovely canal side run starts less than 5 mins from home - perfect warm-up time, in fact.

My lovely canal side run starts less than 5 mins from home – perfect warm-up time, in fact.


7 thoughts on “Happy August • Day 13

    • Wow, thanks so much! The route gets even lovelier further on, but I didn’t want to interrupt my run to photograph it! 🙂

      Paris is a great place to go for a girls weekend. Take your mum back for a revisit! Do it!

      thanks so much for popping and complementing me! YOU can come again! 🙂 I’m off to return the favour now x

    • Wow! Thanks so much! Happiness IS contagious, I completely agree. So glad you’re enjoying it. I’ve just had a look at your blog and I love it. Your photography is fab (hanging shoes in trees is genius – nice touch) and you write so well. I followed immediately and definitely will be back for more. xx

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