Travel Light September: a toiletries geek-out

Toiletries wise, two weeks is a funny length of holiday to pack for. Travel sized shampoos etc aren’t quite big enough, but even if we dodged the 100ml carry-on limitation by buying it all in Spain, I’m not enamoured with the idea of lugging around big bottles of stuff we’ll only be using half of.  My weedy little neck will have no truck with that. So what to do? Same as I do when faced with any other dilemma. I googled my ass off.

Amazon have some lovely little travel bottles, but they weren’t quite fitting the bill. So dug a little deeper. I can’t even remember what precise search terms brought me to this wondrous site (such pretty little bottles! So many sizes! So many lids, pumps, sprays, flip-tops… SO BLINKIN’ CHEAP!). All I know is that from there, I stepped over a behavioural precipice and plummeted into full geek-out.

Once I’d gorged on more bottles and lids than I’ll ever use, I still hadn’t found the perfect solution for my shampoo & conditioner. Lots of girly backpacking blogs recommend those solid ones from Lush. I tried them when we went to India and, well, they were alright, but I found them a bit of a faff. I really wanted to take my own shampoo. So, I got to thinking… for weekends away, I often just take sample sachets, which work brilliantly. You can just ditch them as you use them, and you never need to carry more than you’ll actually use. Getting hold of two weeks worth of samples though, is quite an ask.

So, I plumbed the very depths of the world wide web and pulled out… these!

Heat sealable pouches for my shampoo and conditioner.

Heat sealable pouches for my shampoo and conditioner.

They were on eBay, all along. They’re slinky, black and heat-sealable (using hair-straighteners – easy peasy). I don’t know whether I’m proud or embarrassed at how long and hard I searched to find them. Like I say, this truly was a geek-out.

I’ve now filled and sealed them. It was really quick and easy. I love them. I’ve also filled up my lovely blue plastic bottles with toner and face oil. They look all posh and apothecary-ish. My toiletries bag now looks like this…

Toiletries 'a la geek'

Toiletries ‘a la geek’

…and contains;

  • face oil
  • rosewater (which is my cleanser and toner)
  • face sun block (two teeny tiny sample tubes)
  • MAC Prep + Prime
  • MAC eye pencil in dark brown
  • tweezers
  • shampoo & conditioner in sachets
  • razor
  • Lush solid perfume
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrush
  • floss sticks

I’m also carrying separately, a Lush body lotion bar in its own little tin, a hairbrush and bands, and cotton wool pads.  I’m seriously tempted to add a nail polish, but otherwise I think I’ve cracked it.


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