Ultra-light travel: un-packed

I’m home. Back on English soil. After two fabulous weeks moseying across Northern Spain with less stuff than I’d once have taken for a week. Time for a post-trip de-brief.

First of all, I feel compelled to share this smug airport moment:


Haha! Stick it, Ryanair!

AND I managed to look presentable throughout (sorry, I forgot to photograph my outfits on many an occasion, but these give you an idea of how it all fit together);

The highs:

  • roaming through Spain with hardly a thing to weigh me down (man)
  • clothes that all worked together, giving me a very easy time of looking presentable
  • cosmetics that were just the right size
  • a new, clean wardrobe half-way through, via a quick hand-wash.
  • ziploc bags keeping all my stuff neat and easy to find/pack/un-pack/re-pack
  • skipping through airports, un-harried by the Ryanair’s endeavours to catch people out with infinitesimally oversized cabin bags.

The not-so-highs:

  • slimy cosmetics bag due to leaky shampoo sachets
  • opening said sachets in the shower with wet hands (and then using my teeth and tasting shampoo for the rest of the shower)
  • my handwashed pants and socks not drying quickly enough and ending up rather whiffy.

I wish I’d packed:

  • a little coin purse. It was on my pre-holiday shopping list, but I didn’t find one. I really wish I had. I was forever fishing around in the bottom of bags for money.

I wish I hadn’t packed:

  • a little black spotty daybag. It’s cute and easy to throw a few things in for the day, so you can see why I might have shoved it in my bag at the last minute. However, I hardly used it, and it was a bitch to pack. I’d definitely have been better without it.

honourable mention for super-useful item:

  • a cheap little black faux-leather clutch from H&M; a pre-hol impulse buy. The perfect size for my phone, camera, a bit of cash (albeit, rattling around annoyingly in the bottom, due to lack of coin purse), a lip balm, and (at a squeeze), my shades when I wasn’t wearing them. It was perfect for day use when I wasn’t carrying my backpack, and perfect for keeping all my essentials to hand when I was. I also cunningly attached a jersey hair tie to the zip, as a wrist strap, which meant I could take photos unencumbered. I was frequently thankful for it throughout the holiday. Here it is in action;



slinky for the city

slinky for the city

So, all in all this ultra-light travel thing has been brilliant. There’s the odd thing I’ll tweak for future trips, but I can’t see me wanting to travel any other way from now on. I now have a weekend in Paris with my mum to prepare for (the second part of my month’s challenge) and am aiming to take as little as humanly possible. Less is definitely more, when it comes to packing.


3 thoughts on “Ultra-light travel: un-packed

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  2. I know! I thought I had it nailed with my little wheelie case, but this was a whole new level of light packing. I bloody loved it! I’m a complete convert. It’ll be interesting to see how I manage, packing for a South American destination this year – so many climates to account for – eek!

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