Knit a Scarf October

This month’s challenge came from a friend, who was unduly worried by the fact I was struggling to come up with anything for this month and volunteered her services. She’s going to teach me to knit, which while not ever so scary, is definitely something I didn’t think I’d ever do. It’s a new skill, which is always a good thing to have. It’s also rumoured to be pretty therapeutic (though I’m not sure that applies to struggling begginers), and if I succeed, I get my very own hand-knitted scarf out of the deal, which I’m now quite excited about.

I’ve been set an initial task of going and buying myself some wool this weekend. Shopping, then? That I can do. I’m assured two colours are not much trickier than one, so I’m thinking grey (grey goes with pretty much my entire wardrobe) and maybe pink. Or yellow… She even mentioned stripes. Stripes! Wow!


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