A trip to Wool; decisions, decisions…

The first joy of this months knitting challenge was a trip to Wool this weekend. This lovely little shop has been beckoning me to enter since it opened.


Being craftily challenged however, I never had cause to go in (If I can’t use/afford it, I feel like an impostor even looking at it, and am convinced the shop staff know it. This applies to everything.).

Now, though, I had a bona fide mission. I had wool to choose for an actual scarf I was going to knit.

I seized my chance on Saturday, heading back through town, post-run. Walking in – breathless, brisk, business-like – felt like walking into an unexpected cuddle. It felt like a coffee morning, though I don’t actually remember seeing any coffee being drunk. And it was afternoon. I was in a rush, but it was a struggle to resist the slow pace and the being cocooned  in the buzz of people’s knitting projects being chewed over and developed. Something about multiple, careful decisions being made slows time, it seems.

wool bath inside

As comforting and cuddly as the setting was, though, choosing wool soon turned into an agonising, angsty process. I’d been instructed to buy two colours. I had no idea whether thicker or thinner wool would be easier to use; whether thick would combine with thin; if there were some wools that wouldn’t knit a good scarf… I’d planned to announce my beginner status up-front and let myself be guided, but something about the solicitous atmosphere stopped me. I nearly left with nothing. Having found some lovely chunky grey stuff, I just could not settle on an accompanying colour. It was a snap decision in the end, provoked by;

a) my husband waiting at home for his lunch, which was dangling from my arm in a Waitrose bag. Tick tock, tick tock…

b) the shop being closed on Sundays, thus making this my only chance to have wool ready for my friend/new knitting teacher to see on Monday.

c) a minimum £10 card transaction, meaning I couldn’t just buy one colour and put off the rest of the decision for another day.

A snap decision, but one I’m pretty happy with. My friend was very approving of it, too. Phew. Here is my future scarf (in what pattern these colours will feature is another decision entirely).




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