A knit knot

It would be quite fair to say yesterday’s planned evening of practising my first ever knitting stitch was not entirely successful. In fact, it wasn’t even vaguely successful. Unless, that is,  I re-set my goal to accidentally unravelling a bit of the good knitting Steff started for me, and therefore essentially going backwards.

The result of last night’s exercise was in fact, negative knitting. I am in knitting debt.

FullSizeRender (1)I had the stitch lodged in my brain. I knew what to do. The crux of the problem was the lack of similarity between the picture in my memory, and the knitting in my hands. I knew what to do. I just couldn’t work out how to apply it to what I was seeing. I tried to work it out. I thought I had it a couple of times, but alas. It turned out I did not. Everything was oddly tight, with no room for manoeuvre. I kept losing stitches off the top of my needles. I felt incredibly ham fisted. I was also really tired (too many late nights this week) and found myself alternating between getting tearily frustrated and then laughing at myself for getting teary over knitting.

Today, Steff and I have arranged to go for coffee after work, to continue my lesson. With any luck, her supervision will save me from my own knitting hopelessness. Cross your needles for me.


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