Interesting stitches, on purpose and by accident

Steff and I had arranged to grab a coffee for last night’s knitting lesson. Somewhere between leaving work and getting coffee (George Street, to be precise), that plan evolved somewhat and, before I knew it I had a glass of Sicilian red in my hand and a bowl of crispy squid in front of me. Two hours later, it struck me we’d better get some knitting done.

Steff very deftly undid all the damage I’d inflicted on my sample, and set me away again on the right track. She also demo’d some different stitches I could do my scarf with. I like the stocking stitch best (second one in from the right), which she’s going to show me once I’ve cracked the garter stitch (the one at either end). I know, get me and my new lingo.

IMG_0907When I got home (two glasses of red later), I carried on practising, and it’s definitely coming… I did somehow knit a cute little hole into it (can you see it?), but while I’m nowhere near able to correct my mistakes yet, I was pleased to find I can now at least plough on through them without losing the plot entirely.  That’s progress, that is.



2 thoughts on “Interesting stitches, on purpose and by accident

  1. I like the way the stocking stitch looks in between the other stitches. Sometimes using both stitches in this manner can give your garment great depth in texture. Welcome to the world of knitting. 😊

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