I knitted the most beautiful section of stocking stitch last night. Honestly, it was perfect. I was so proud. But we know pride, don’t we? It comes before a fall, doesn’t it?

I really wish I’d taken a photo, instead of cockily assuming my run of knitting genius would continue indefinitely, because then something went weird. I pulled my needle out and went back a row or two to put it right. That didn’t look right either, so I went a few more rows back. Before I knew it, only two or three rows of my perfect run remained, and the stitches on the needle still weren’t going right. This was around midnight, so obviously the only option was to throw it down in disgust and go to bed.

I was rather hoping Steff would be about today, to set me right again. She’s not. I’ll have to pick my own way out of this mess. I do hope I don’t have to undo the whole thing in the process. I think my next priority in lessons has to be correcting mistakes without undoing hours of knitting.

I’ve also forgotten my phone today, and so can’t visually document my demise.

I know. I’m on fire, aren’t I? Still… too much success would make for dull blogging, right? 🙂


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