OMG I can knit!

Look! Look at this lovely knitting I did last night!


Once I’d found somebody to undo my previous mistakes and set me back on the right track, everything went swimmingly. It looks a bit like it gets thinner in the middle, but that’s just it curling in. Apparently stocking stitch just does that.

Is it just me, or is knitting really addictive? I hadn’t expected that.

I sat down last night, picked up my needles and really struggled to put them down. I knitted for ages. My house is a tip. I’d planned to spend last night getting on top of the cleaning (I live like a slob. I’m disgusting), but no. I just sat there knitting. Couldn’t tear myself away. Who knew?

The big question is; will I actually be able to churn out a scarf by the end of the month? It’s getting tight… but perhaps if I don’t clean the house for another week, and only eat take-away… šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “OMG I can knit!

    • Ah, thanks Lovely! My wool has held me up by having a fault in it and the shop isn’t open tomorrow to exchange it. I’ll have to knit like a demon next week to catch up!

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