Ready, steady, scarf!

And I’m off! It’s been a slow start for my scarf. Wool supply issues stopped me getting anything started until last night, and by the time I’d taught myself to cast on (thanks Goodknit Kisses on YouTube), tried to put a rib stitch end on it, failed. Tried again, failed, given up and started again in stocking stitch… well I had around 6 rows to my name come midnight. Tonight, I’m out at salsa tonight, which restricts my progress somewhat. I’m going to have to knit like a Shreddies Nana for the rest of the week.

I’ve revised my design accordingly. My plan for a striped number has been downgraded to a one coloured number. Time is too precious for the faff of changing colours. I just need to plow through. Besides, I really love the dark grey I’m using, and was struggling to find the perfect colour to set it off. Less is more, darling. Less is more.

Here’s my scarf so far;




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