knitting is slow

Last night I went for a run and then I knit and knit and knit and knit and knit…

Given that I did very little else than knit last night (I stopped briefly to shovel a bowl of pasta into my cakehole), and my scarf is still laughably far from scarf length, I’m beginning to think I might not finish it in time.


Lovely though, isn’t it? I’m very pleased with my work. I’m making hardly any mistakes now. Only two last night, and I spotted them and corrected them on the next row. That is major. I could not be happier with myself for cracking this. And really, the slowness of knitting wouldn’t bother me at all were I not up against such a tough deadline. There’s something very lovely about creating something in slow time like this. I never really got my head around the slow food concept. I cook in a rush to get results on my plate before I’m out the door again. Slow textiles however, I am feeling. I do wish I had an extra week, though. I’m really quite enjoying it and I’m pretty sure I’d get it comfortably done with another few days at my disposal.

I will, of course try to finish it after the month is up (assuming I don’t suddenly achieve the impossible). Be a shame to end up with nothing more than a unwearable section of knitting, wouldn’t it? Maybe it can serve as relaxation between my writing frenzies in next month’s NaNoWriMo challenge. In the meantime, I’m soldiering on and trying to get as far as possible by the end of the month. Which is, er, tomorrow.


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