Hello 2015! 12 New months to play with!

Ooh, a shiny new year, with twelve shiny new months! What to fill them with this year?

Despite having opted out of December completely – Christmas was somehow all consuming this year and allowed for no extra challenges – I loved living 2014 in monthly challenges and have decided to roll it out to 2015, too. Not every month had a huge lasting impact, but I’m happy to report one or two permanent changes;

  • I’m a keen (summer) wild swimmer (with a medal from the Chippenham Big Swim!)
  • I now like knitting (scarf still to be completed, but perhaps now the madness of Christmas has passed…)
  • I’m a member of a book group and have two lovely new friends from there, who I see for drinks too.
  • I’ve got about 18000 words of a novel written – a damn site further than I’ve ever got before.
  • I’m a devoted fan of travelling as light as humanly possible, wherever I might be headed.

So, what to do this year? What comfort zones shall I push through? What new things shall I try? First up, Zen January – I’m de-cluttering my life and, more importantly, learning to meditate – very beneficial practise that I have so far considered a bit dull. More on this coming very soon.


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