finding time for zen

Last night was not a great start to my new meditation commitment. I had predicted that it would be a push to squeeze it in. I was right. It was too much of a push. I did not in fact succeed in squeezing it in.

By the time I’d been for a run, stretched, showered, changed, gone out for dinner with a friend, got home, and said hello to hubby, it was pretty much midnight.

I was so very close to doing it anyway. After all, I’m no stranger to midnight. We’re pretty chummy, as it goes. I was pretty much sleepwalking by this point, though (still adjusting to the back at work timezone). Then the hubster expressed an interest in trying it too, “but not now. Maybe tomorrow”.  So I postponed.

It’ll be nice to have him on board, and I suspect he needs it more than I do – he has a more stressful job. So, we’ve made a meditation date for tonight. After book group, that is… Surprising, how tricky it can be to find just 10 minutes for mindfulness, isn’t it?


One thought on “finding time for zen

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