Getting Headspace

Hurrah! Hubble and I succeeded in doing our first 10 minute meditation with the Headspace app yesterday. I liked it. Andy, the former monk and app creator, is very good at making everything nice and easy. It’s straightforward and not too ‘out there’. I’m not sure we really got the most out of it, as we were doing it at bedtime, and it’s clearly aimed at morning or daytime meditators. Still, I felt I’d found some valuable headspace nonetheless. I liked how he gently introduced us to focussing our minds on our breathing, then our body, then back to our breathing again, then on absolutely nothing… It felt like beginners yoga for the brain. I’m looking forward to my next session later.

As a cheeky bonus, I also found a few minutes last night to touch the tip of the iceberg that is de-cluttering my wardrobe. I’ve filled yet another bag of stuff for charity. It’s all so very cathartic, I could get quite carried away with it and end up with nothing left. Perhaps I could really go to town and become a minimalist, with 100 possessions or less. That seems to be a thing at the moment. I’m slightly in awe of people who can do this. I’m not sure I could ever achieve such a lofty level of de-clutter (would I want to? I don’t even know.), but I could use the concept as a guiding ideal, to work towards in my endeavours this month. This idea will be very badly received by my hoarder husband, I fear…


2 thoughts on “Getting Headspace

  1. A little sad, but this app pretty much saved my sanity and god knows what else my senior year of college. I was in a horrible situation with a messy break up and a terrible roommate and I just couldn’t sit with my own thoughts for a while. So for weeks I used this app to fall asleep to every night. It was very calming. Since it is paid, I no longer used it. But the trial is free and it helped me get to a much happier place 🙂

    • I’d really like to start this again. It’s a shame the paid for version is such a big commitment as I really liked the free trial and would have like to progress with it. It’s lovely to hear it made such a difference when you really needed it. I’ve tried to get my husband to do it with me. His job is stressful and he struggles to switch his brain off, but he was decidedly less committed than me!

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