Project 333; Fashion Minimalism

I’ve been poking around the old tinterweb for inspiration on de-cluttering for Zen January, and discovered the rather wonderful Project 333. I’ve an unfortunate knack for finding things that would have been perfect for last month, but on this occasion, my timing is perfect. The concept is to pare down your wardrobe to 33 items for every 3 months (i.e. a season), and given that I’m just embarking on a streamlining of my wardrobe, I’m really quite delighted to have found it. I’m going to have a real crack at this. Owning 100 things or less is a gargantuan challenge, and one I’m planning on using as a guiding ethos, rather than a real target. A wardrobe of 33 things, however feels like something I can really do.

I love clothes, but I’ve become less and less enamoured with fast fashion over the last year or two. I find myself dressing more for silhouette and simplicity, less for whatever colour, print or theme is hot on the catwalks. I think it’s time the contents of my wardrobe reflected that, too. I love the idea of a wardrobe that’s infinitely wearable and fabulous in it’s simplicity.

The site I found this on, Be More With Less, is a veritable treasure trove of de-cluttering and simplifying. Well worth visiting if you’re on a New Year possessions detox. There’s certainly plenty on there to keep me busy this month.


2 thoughts on “Project 333; Fashion Minimalism

  1. Wow, just 33 items of clothing per season?? That’s 11 per month – scary! However, I do agree with de-cluttering and regularly clear out my wardrobe, often giving clothes to charity or friends in need. Not only is clearing out cathartic, but it gives me a warm feeling inside because I’m doing something good for someone else 🙂

  2. It is a bit scary. I Started on it last night and my wardrobe is looking pretty bare now. In actual fact though, it now only contains stuff I actually wear, instead of stuff I think I’ll wear at some point. I took 11 bags of stuff to charity last weekend and I’ve got more to ship out, now. It’s cathartic and terrifying all at once! 🙂

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